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>> and it is my honor to introduce governor jerry brown of california. i think. ok. in ibm research, one of the things we talk about is our laboratories. i have been all over the world, live in different countries. i am a relatively recent transplant to california. i would like to let the governor know that i am happy to be here. it is a good space. recently, governor brown has spent a lot of time, focus, and effort making california a better place. focus on eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, decreasing the budget deficit, and real focus that we appreciate in northern california on clean energy. for example, moving the state's goal to be 33% clean energy producing. it is my privilege to welcome governor brown to the panel. [applause] >> and to introduce our next panelist, i would like to welcome steve ballmer, senior bp -- vp. >> good morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for
get spent over the country very rapidly. >> thank you. governor brown. >> it is a good idea to bring back that $1 trillion sitting out there. how to do that, it remains to be seen. but then that will require some other tax. that would be my big request like everybody else. get america's finances under control and that will take both parties. it will take taxes and it will take reduction in commitments that have been made. it now can be validated. let's get this but do it in a way that exacerbates the uncertain economy. the second -- we have to happen through innovation. whether it is the space program or tax credits for renewable energy. all that is important. we have to keep that going. that will get hard because we will face is demographics. that is my 74th birthday on april 7. i am aware of the and aging population which i have become and we are an aging population relative to what we were. luckily, we have millions of fresh arrivals that are younger and are energetic and they come from all over the world. we have to make sure our education system lifts them to their highest aspir
in the left-hand part of the stage, our former mayor willie brown who is here. [ applause ] all right. now, would you... thank you. so now, i want to introduce the city's park champion and chief and of course he shares our vision for making our parks, better cleaner, safer and more fun. he also loves to be in our parks and loves sports and he loves to play and pretty darn good at a game of ping-pong among other activities let's give a big san francisco welcome to our mayor, mayor ed lee. >> thank you, phil. how about another round of applause for phil. >> i am so happy to join you with the supervisors and sean thank you again for all of those wonderful years that you have served the city thank you very much for being here. to all of the other supervisors, scott weiner and mark ferrel, thank you for your leadership on infrastructure and open space and parks and on supporting families in this city and to the hardest, most effective commission rec and park commission, thank you very much. all of your leadership there. but there is many other people to thank, we have got a lot of things to be
brown remembers the life of war hero and medal of honor winner daniel inouye, the senator from hawaii who was third in line to the presidency. >> ifill: and we close with the story of a message of hope and healing from the late fred rogers, in a 34-year-old photo that's gone viral. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the white house had a new proposal on the table today in the fiscal cliff negotiations. house republicans said it fell well short, but the two sides kept at it, hoping to avert across-the-board tax hikes and steep mandatory spending cuts in 2013. >>
quote "grossly inadequate." jeffrey brown has more. >> brown: the highly critical report came three months after the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. former ambassador thomas pickering and admiral mike mullen, a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff chaired the outside accountability review board. they spoke at the state department. >> frankly, the state department had not given benghazi the security, both physical and personnel resources, it needed. >> certain state department bureau level senior officials in critical positions of authority and responsibility in washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management >> brown: overall, the report found that systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies resulted in a security posture that was inadequate for benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place. earlier, mullen and pickering briefed members of key house and senate committees in private. lawmakers on both sides endorsed t
. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. >>> the state department is getting its har shift review yet for the terrorist attack. a panel charged with investigating the incident concludes that the state department failed to provide adequate security at the compound. four americans were killed there on september 11th, including ambassador chris stevens. tara mergener is in washington this morning with more. good morning, tara. >> good morning to you. >>> well, the state department released unclassified portions of the report last night. investigators offered harsh criticism of the state department but did not single out any individual u.s. individuals for blame. the review board was headed up by retired ambassador thomas pickering and former chairman of the joints chief of staff, admiral mike mullen. they'll discuss their findings with lawmakers today. the panel blamed systematic failures and leadership and management deficiency in two bureaus of the state department for security measures at the benghazi compound that were described as inadequate. the report conc
. there was a video done of the physical abuse of the student at the school and apparently amos brown was able to see that video. who allowed him to see that video, since he is not a parent of the student? is this allowed? other people have asked to see the have and not been provided that opportunity. there are serious and systematic problems going on and it has to be addressed. if this is slander, it's absolutely untrue and i think the superintendent should apologize to the people, the parents and students at mlk. thank you. >> good evening everyone. my name was in the paper for -- i will just quote it, "she yelled at me in front of two classes of students," said linda cook a former english teacher who was removed from her job and i will use another [kwo-ets/] [tpra-erlt/], "there are procedures in place to evaluate personnel and we follow these procedures," said school superintendent richard carranza in a statement. slandser is when someone tells a lie about another. it is slander when the lie can damage another's reputation. a group of students wrote a letter about the principal's behavior wh
the game. lorenzo brown drives to the hood, hits the runner -- the hoop, hits the runner, he's fouled. powell had 23 tonight. under 3 minutes to go, and brown drives down right -- right down the middle. 88-17, nc state. >>> the a's signed a short stop today. hiro for short. he was all smiles at his press conference today, two years, $6.5 million, club option for a third year. beane says they have been scouting him for several years. more of a singles hitter, maybe a double. bottom line, nobody knows how good he'll be with the bat. but with the microphone? he's got some game . [ speaking foreign language ] s saying billy beane is extremely sexy and cool. [ laughter ] >> that's definitely one of the reasons why he signed today. [ laughter ] >> that whole press conference was pretty entertaining. >>> the 49ers a win in seattle away from clinching the nfc west. justin smith nursing an injured arm. >> his nickname is cowboy. i expect we'll see the cowboy. >> okay. >> from what i know of justin smith and the situation, yeah, i think the cowboy will be around. [ laughter ] >> cowboy up
of the year. jana katsuyama explain what is the activists want governor brown to do to keep such families together. >> reporter: in the cold today people rallied with songs and  signs. they are upset about the immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. program called secure communities which has led to the detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants many who have not committed serious crimes. the program that critics say is tearing families apart. >> you know we're like other american families. we love each other, we support each other. >> reporter: 19-year-old dyannie is a college student allowed to stay in the u.s. through deferred action. but her parents have received a deportation order through december 30th. she and her parents came from indonesia on tourist visas and she has no one but her parents here. >> it's only the three of us in the family. >> reporter: today the group called in governor jerry brown the trust act. the law calls that law enforcement officers do not have to comply -- seven out of 10 of them had no convictions or had been convicted of only minor o
the end of the year. jana katsuyama explain what is the activists want governor brown to do to keep such families together. >> reporter: in the cold today people rallied with songs and signs. they are upset about the immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. program called secure communities which has led to the detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants many who have not committed serious crimes. the program that critics say is tearing families apart. >> you know we're like other american families. we love each other, we support each other. >> reporter: 19-year-old dyannie is a college student allowed to stay in the u.s. through deferred action. but her parents have received a deportation order through december 30th. she and her parents came from indonesia on tourist visas and she has no one but her parents here. >> it's only the three of us in the family. >> reporter: today the group called in governor jerry brown the trust act. the law calls that law enforcement officers do not have to comply -- seven out of 10 of them had no convictions or had been convicted of o
to happen. the politicians always do this thing. it's lucy holding the football, charlie brown kicks it, she yanks it away, and what happens? he winds up on the back, and in this analogy, the taxpayer -- the republicans are charlie brown because they are in this, but the taxpayers lose. neil: i wonder why charlie brown never sued. final words? >> entitlements are bipartisan, has to be a bipartisan solution. neil: what? >> bipartisan. romney and obama supporters, everybody has entitlements. neil: understood. thank you. meanwhile, after the shooting, indiscriminate firing, going after video games, tv show, and even commercials, anything where violent pops up, a call for the government to shut it down. why rudy guilani says they might be addressing the wrong problem with the wrong weapon. neil: well, no sooner had news of the connecticut school shooting hit, that out of nowhere, ads for tom cruise's latest movie disappeared, other movies as well. anything violent coming to the big screen sure as heck of nots showing up in promotions on the little screen, but i think it's %-politicians now targe
para evitar los accidentes de automóviles. >> hubo una vigilia fuera de la oficina de jerry brown en contra de la iniciativa de deportacion que el apoya. >> nosotros queremos una vida mejor. >> el acta de la confianza será revisada en el congreso. >> no todos los beneficiarios de programa de acción diferida pueden pagar los costos pero hay organizaciones que están reuniendo fondos. >> estaba feliz pero cuándo tuve que pagar los 475 dólares se complico. >> todavia trata de juntar los fondos. >> somos una familia de 5 no podemos. >> este es el caso de muchas familias pero existe ayuda. >> latino community fundation ayuda dando asesoria legal >> estamos trabajando con el centro de la raza con education for consideration y todo esto les ayudara para entender el proceso. >> todos pueden comprometerse a ser lideres y donar dinero. >> antes de enviar una solicitud tienen que estar seguros de ser elegibles (informacion en pantalla). >> una madre pasará una de las navidades más felices de su vida porque después de 11 años se reune con su hija. >> cruzar a méxico para algunos es una
. they want governor jerry brown to sign the trust act by assemblyman tom which would provide some protection to immigrants. >> in the cold today people rallied with song and signs. they're upset about the ice program called secure communities, which has led to the detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants, many who have not committed serious crimes. a program which critics say is tearing families apart. >> you know, just like other families. we loef each other. we support each other. >> a college student allow today stay in the u.s. through deferred action but her parents have received a deportation order for december 30th. she and her parents came from indonesia on tourist visas when she was 11 years old and she has no one but her parents here. >> hopefully we can support each other here because it's only the three of us in the faement. >> today the group called on governor jerry brown to sign the trust act. the bill state that is law enforcement officers do not have to comply with federal ice request to detain undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted of a serious or
, they take that football, and it's a charley brown episode. they jerk the ball away. this is what they're doing again. >> the latest cbs news poll shows only half of americans think a fiscal cliff deal will be made before the december 31st deadline. >>> mark zuckerberg 's massive donation to help children in the south bay. >> students punished in class. the teacher apologizes but is it enough? >>> and a car crashes into an east bay video game store. how it was all part of a burglary. about one bay area teacher's unusual disciplinary techni >>> she claims it was a joke. but some parents were not laughing about one bay area teacher's unusual disciplinary technique. students say she's been taping their mouths shut. >> she shouldn't have done that to the students or my child. >> reporter: lucy fights back tear when is she talks about how her son's teacher punished him for talking too much in class. >> she just came up and duct taped me. >> i walked over to my desk, put the duct tape on him, he said. >> reporter: she is ms. michelle. students say she routinely carries a roll of tape aro
our roots. and i am talking about sfsuc. at one time this was just a water department. here mr. brown and mr. helman and a few others decided to make this an enterprise department. now that it's an enterprise department and i know that mr. moran is looking at me with big eyes, and that's rightly so. now that this is an enterprise department we need some sense about our assets. so i was at the last meeting, and i missed the first portion where (inaudible) and i was there in the succession portion with lafco, and i strongly feel that hetch hetchy was taken, and all the mandates laid down in the regular act, which people do not want to read. which we should read. are to focus on hydroelectricity. and how much of that can we increase to bring here to the city. we are not paying attention to it. we are like arbitrarily thinking if they pay us something, we can be content. we need to revisit that. now i don't know if you have visited our toilets. at long last they have what is called water flows that are going to save us millions of gallons of water. this is in our great city hall in the ye
to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san franci
attended the game sunday. he is charged in the drunk driving death of teammate jerry brown. >>> no love for tim tebow after the new york jets benchmark sanchez after throwing four picks in monday's loss to tennessee. he'll be replaced by third stringer greg mcelroy. >>> in the nba, nets gerald wallace missed the shot with three seconds left. the jazz held on for a 2-91 win. >>> and olympic snowboarder shaun white posted a video to youtube showing his long red hair being cut. the flying tomato is donating his trademark long hair to locks of love, the organization dedicated to helping children. >>> now for another look at the weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> feel weird, like giving my first big winter storm forecast. usually we have done a couple by now. this winter was slow starting. this will be the real deal. don't want to forget our friends up in maine, you are getting winter weather yourself. storm system is blowing in colder and and a lot of snow north of bangor, up towards caribou and presque isle. a few snow showers up in norther
extended. >> take that football and it's a charlie brown episode. they jerk the ball away. >> boehner's proposal would delay discussions on spending cuts until next year. the president's latest proposal would raise taxes on more than $400,000. that's up from $250,000. coming up next on the news edge instagram users took to the internet to share their outrage about the plan to sell your pictures. what instagram is saying tonight. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> a major mild stone for twitter. the social networking site says it has 200 million active users. it made the announcement via a tweet. it's the pulse of the planet. they recorded 100 mi
changed, not one person was murdered in new york city on monday. nypd deputy commissioner paul brown couldn't even remember the last time a day went by where not one person was shot, stabbed or slashed. (laughter) >> stephen: what happened? i remember the real new york of the '80s, when in a single night you could score some weed, catch a times square porno and then get stabbed in the neck by a coked-up lou reed. and that was a pretty good first datement now times square has become a disney bubba gump wimp company. the worst that could happen is one of those giant m & ms tries to flash you its peanut. where is the thrilling dangerous city of midnight cowboy or taxi driver? >> you talking to me? >> stephen: i wish i was talking to you. (laughter) instead of i'm talking to her. supercalifragislisticexpiali -- supercalifragislisticexpiali [bleep] me. folk, i've had it, had it. this disturbing lack of violence is not just a problem for our city t is a problem for the republican party. in this last election they lost the blacks. they lost the women, they lost young voters. they lost latin
>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am hert childers. it -- i am heather childers. it is december 19th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> another day of mourning in newtown. four funerals will be held today. they will say good-bye to daniel bar dan, 6-year-old charlotte bacon and victoria soto. she shielded her students and saved their lives. what may have caused the gunman to snap. pref individu good morning, peter. >> nancy lanza was reportedly at her wit's end with her son adam and was having such a hard time raising the 20-year-old by herself that she was in the process of getting conservator ship over him. that's kierdling to someo -- ac to someone who knows the family of the shooting andl of the vic. this man told quote from what i have been told adam was aware of her petitioning the court and plans to have him committed. adam was upset about this. he thought she just wanted to send him away. from what i understand he was really, really angry. i think this could have been it, what set him off. the community is immersed in funeral se
the charlie brown thing, they jerk the ball away. and this is what is going on. >> the posturing conceals the process that we are not aware of. but i talked to a budget aid that said, he thinks things are getting worse in terms for prospects of a deal. >> by the way, my contacts have said the same thing. you thank you very, very much. all of this may be defying predictions. it is a classic risk of a market rally. you know brian, you look at the market since the middle of november. i can't believe it is all fiscal cliff. what is going on here? >> really, since the beginning of november, you have seen this removal of uncertainty. so you have china engineering a soft landing and starting to recover. you have europe away from the brink. greece got upgraded today. who would have thought it. that is what the market is looking at. saying okay. it is not going to be the worst kcase sharcenario, but you coul extend the middle class tax cuts and be done with it. it is in a recession. >> and i think the market would not like that very much. everybody is expecting that you get the middle class tax cu
of state. >> jennifer: will scott brown run? >> i think almost certainly he is going to run again, yes. >> jennifer: interesting. democratic strategist man who knows everything, ted divine thank you for joining us. to some it's a no-brainer and others it's not. we'll hear from richard branson's son next. to some it's a no-brainer, and >>> since 1971 $2.5 trillion have been spent on the war on drugs. >> when we say no to drugs, it will be clear that we mean absolutely none. >> some think there won't be room for them in jail. we'll make room. >> but today illegal narcotics are purer, cheaper, and more available than ever before. >> jennifer: that was a clip from the new documentary calling "breaking the taboo." i caught up with the producer, sam [ inaudible ]. i asked him for his opinion about the war on drugs. >> it's so easy to get scared obviously being -- the idea of being more relaxed with drug policy. the point is that's what there is now. there's a free for all of drugs. there's no control over the if you regulate the market what you do is make it the governm
was planning to be on the sidelines during last sunday's game. the cowboys were honoring jerry brown, who died in a car accident. brent was the driver and is now charged with intoxicated manslaughter. the cowboys say his presence on the sideline was inappropriate. and that brent won't be there again this season. >>> some of last night's nba highlights, now, from espn. >> randy scott here, with your "sportscenter" update. we start last night in los angeles. the lakers taking on the woeful bobcats. came into this one having dropped 11-straight. we go straight to the fourth. under a minute to play. kobe bryant, he's so consistent. he's so good, too. had over 30 points for the seventh-straight game. he's 34 years old. final seconds. bobcats down one. kemba walker? no dice. dwight howard says no. the follow won't go. the tip-out. another block from kobe bryant. and then, a last desperation heave. no, sir. and the lakers win three-straight. >>> lebron james and the heat hosting the timberwolves. they've won four-straight. second quarter, lebron on the break, leaving it for d. wade. and he needed a b
in the corridor. beaver dam wisconsin 2.8 and 3.3 there brown deer had 1.4 in. of snow. the next storm this one will die down over the weekend into the southern plains 1.2 in. is the amount of moisture heading off of the models now a huge spread in the amounts of snow indicating a 1 wide gradientwide grady and across the area thisgradient across the area. here is a wider view you can see when you look at oshkosh and green day and areas appear by marquette... here is our stored at the surface and this is to curb north were passing to the south of us now that is a dangerous track remember this is still a day and a half away so we will have to watch this track. look at the wind east winds will blow with gusto tomorrow night. these are 50 mi. per hour wind gust blowing all round this giant wind machine. while the weather the day after tomorrow cloudy chilly and rock tonight. nothing particularly of info about this. maybe some drizzle ahead of the main rain late tomorrow night. we will wake up thursday. this snow which would stick will probably be late in the afternoon on thursday and thursday nig
the goalposts keep getting moved. >> they take that football, and it's a charlie brown episode. they jerk the ball away. >> except it was only 15 months ago the president suggested the threshold and tax hikes might be a million dollars. >> middle class families shouldn't pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires. >> today, white house officials noted the president's push for the so-called buffet rule was only a minimum tax for millionaires that did not preclude raising rates as part of broader reform. >> boehner's idea of taxes people is so bad and unbalanced, why did the president propose that in september of 2011? he had the millionaires tax when he came out in the rose garden. >> that was an entirely different proposal. the president always supported expiration of the bush era tax cuts for those making more than $250,000. >> in private talks with boehner, however, the president moved the threshold to $400,000 or more, and republicans today noted two years ago, 53 senate democrats voted for a plan by senator chiewk schumer similar to boehner's. >> i don't know a single one of
of this country, they take that football and it's a charlie brown episode. they jerk the ball away. >> ban plan b faces opposition within its own party. conservative republicans indicated they won't support any tax hike. we're now just two weeks from the fiscal cliff deadline when deep spending cuts and tax hikes for everyone will kick in unless there's an agreement. >> the world's most advanced gas control system. what happens if a pipe breaks? still ahead. >> a pest problem ends in hazardous materials response. the common chemical that made eight people sick. >>> contra costa county road crews are finishing up temporary repairs on a sink hole. a road supervisor first noticed the beginnings of a zig hole this morning. it was caused by a collapsed culvert damaged by rain. today crews installed metal plates over the area. that part of the road was shut down for much of the day. it is back open now. the plates will remain in place until permanent repairs can be done. >> in the wake of the gas pipeline explosion, pg&e showed off the shelf a what it says will be the most high-tech natural gas control
of the key at 15 in the first half. all on 3. john gauge turned away by jordan. brown throwing down. uncontested. late first half. stanford disrupd the outlet pass. powell underneath. he's having a nice season. slam. team high 23. but the wolf pack leading all the way. to howl. nc state a winner. 8 88-79. women basketball. third rank bail or just clobbered tennessee. scored 9 of the first 11 points. bears started with 17 unanswered. odyssey sims off the steal. lasts it. corral it and score scores. it was a bad odyssey. for the lady as baylor wins in a 76-53. a's introduce new short stop today and he comes from japan. he says we can call him hero. he's an 8 time all star in the japanese major. 2 year deal worth 6 and half million dollars plus incentive. he fills the void left by the pennington and drew. he has swing of power hitter but hit only 11 homer last season. big swing looks like he should hit more than 11. career 300 hitter. 30-year-old infielder know about the a's success this past season and clearly working on his english. >> i also want to finally dance
ehrlich and democratic strategist michael brown. governor, i'll start with you. would this legislation, if it hasn't passed, would it have done anything in this tragedy. >> probably not, shawn, and the issues here are very complex, obviously. mental illness is a major issue here, part of this entire story as is school security. the appropriate school security measures that need to be undertaken as is gun control. obviously the press is going to focus on gun control at this time. >> michael, do we really want to find an answer, or is this just exploiting as gerald nadler said a tragedy for political gain? if we really want to look for answers, shouldn't we be looking at parenting issues, mental health issues, widespread distribution of drugs, maybe values, god in the classroom, talking about these things in school? should we be looking at those if we want this national discussion? >> violent videos should be thrown in there, too, sean. >> i think we're probably going to agree on all of these issues. i don't think there's a silver bullet. i think all of these issues have to be addressed.
to spike up his brown hair. he was a little boy who looked forward to growing up. he liked to sing at the top of his lungs and would ask how old do i have to be before i can sing on a stage? he also wanted to know when he'd be old enough to order a foot long ham sandwich at subway one of his favorite places. james was born four weeks prematurely, his family used to joke, he came into the world because he was hungry. he was an early riser, always eager to start the day. at the end of the day, he loved nothing more than to cuddle up with his mom under a blanket on the couch. james also adored spending time with his dad. in his obituary, his family writes, if dad was outside, james liked to be right there with him. their love was one of a kind. james was his dad's mini look-alike. jessica rekos loved everything about horses. she'd spend her free time reading books about them. drawing pictures, even watching movies about them. her parents, both raised in newtown, called her a beautiful, creative little girl who spent time writing in journals and making up stories. they spoke to abc new
of harry thomas jr. and kwame brown. our time goes by fast. we'll see you shortly. i'm sure. >>> coming up next an nbc reporter and crew making a daring escape after being kidnapped in syria. the redskins can lock in a playoff spot as soon as this weekend. we'll tell you how it could happen coming up.  [ femamale announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.48 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. >>> nbc news correspondent richard engel and his crew are free tonight after kidnapped in syria. they were abducted last thursday. they were blindfolded and moved around to different safe houses. yesterday they drove to a check point manned by rebel fighters. the gun battle broke out and two of the kidnappers were killed. eng
haven't gone that far. what i have focuses on with my colleague sherrod brown is somewhat higher capital requirements. i think that would be a much less government intrusive way to address the situation. that would either make the big banks spin off some parts of their businesses to come down in size or the taxpayer would have a lot more protection before the next bailout because the mega banks would have more capital. >> dodd/frank was supposed to end too big to fail. how come we're still talking about? >> because if my opinion it's institutionalized. hasn't end it had at all and that's one of the leading reasons i'm against dodd/frank at all. >> what's the point of dodd/frank if one of the key elements of it isn't even doing anything and the rest of it, it's not even implemented yet? >> well, you know, i'm probably not person to ask to defend dodd/frank because i voted against it. i was against it really every step of the way. in terms of what it was about, i would point to a very early quote from rahm emanuel, then white house chief of staff. he said, talking about the 2008 financial
, they take that football and it's a charlie brown etch sewed. they jerk the ball away. >> just in the last few moments, the house majority leader eric cantor, has said that he believes the republican leadership has the votes to get the so-called plan b through the house when they vote on it thursday. the problem, though, is that senator reid says it would never get through the senate. so we're basically back to square one. forget about plan b. now we may have to go to c or d or e, one of those. >> shepard: all right. ed henry, thanks. there is apparently optimism. in fact, there is that a budget deal could be near and it showed on wall street. in fact, for every two stocks that fell, nearly three finished in the green. the dow jumped by the end of the session 116 points. nasdaq up 44. the s & p 500 climbed some 16 to close at a two-month high. >>> today marks one year since the last u.s. combat troops left iraq. america still has a huge presence in baghdad. the u.s. embassy there is as large as vatican city with almost 200 american troops providing embassy security and handling sales of u.
ben from class. >> they're in the same -- >> they're in the same class. mrs. brown's class, i believe. but you know, we have other funerals to go to and it's a tough -- going to be a tough week. it's going to be a tough road to haul for the next couple weeks. our community's completely devastated. everybody walking around town is completely numb, bags under their eyes, not knowing what to do. we need national support and we don't want you guys to forget about us as you pull away out of our town. something has to be done and there are people standing up ready to do something. we just need to see action. >> one of the people who died was vicky soto. i know that your daughter, who is now 12, remembers vicky. vicky was a substitute teacher when your daughter was at sandy hook. what was it as a father that made her so memorable? >> my daughter said how nice she was. my son knows her from being in school there last year, how nice she was and how kind. she's a beautiful woman, in the prime of her life. the job that she did with the students is echoed throughout the community. just a memorabl
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